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  Mission Statement  

  Rebels With a Cause...EDUCATION! 


 To facilitate optimal learning for all students to enable them to lead fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex society.


 To create unity with the school, district and community, forming a culture where collaboration is expected and all ideas are valued.


Our Guiding Beliefs up the Ladder of Success

 We believe:

Mid-Carolina Middle is

Committed to continuously creating

Meaningful and engaging opportunities which are

Socially relevant and academically challenging for all students.


R- Respect (Respect yourself and all others)

E- Exemplary (Always putting forth your best in work, character and actions)

B- Behave Well (Represent yourself, family, school and community in a positive way- BE REBEL PROUD!)

E- Explain Calmly (Explain in a calm, respectful manner your perspective)

L- Listen (“By listening, you will grow by leaps and bounds”- J.R.)


W- Wise (Make positive choices)

A- Ask Questions (Do not hesitate, smart people always ask)

Y- Yes, you can! (Persevere, show your grit, no excuses!)

School Motto

 “Rebels with a Cause…Education”

  About The School